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Honey, sometimes talking to you is like coming down from outer space
I feel like a stranger in a strange land when you get that look upon your face,
but I swear I will pursue these, my intentions, without haste
following every avenue since the invention of the chase

I can recall most of my history
and I think I did fine in biology
and I know that 1+1+1 is 3
and I am in possession of a degree
and I wonder what an underworld
to plunder if you were my girl
gas light and incandescent black pearls

Take me to your leader if you know what I mean.
Take me to your leader, if you know what I mean.

My lover informed she was alive
but I might have said warmed-over or revived
Now pods land in the nursery without rhyme or thought
on the anniversary of a crime
or something that a Cassandra said
Come on, get your Mirandas read
Come on and put the kids all to bed

Baby, I'm a bleeder, don't you remember me?
Baby, I'm a bleeder, don't you re-member me.
Take me to your leader if you know what I mean.

Put on that dress, dear, I am your beseecher
All the alarmingest, charmingest creatures
wait for a glimpse of your Sunday best
All the satyrs and nymphs have come in to confess
Put me to the test, I was blessed with great teachers
all the beguilingest, smilingest features
I've ever known were a shroud of your face,
but I'm proud to have grown unbowed since outer space

You strut and you strive
but I've seen you gutted and unglued
I've seen you sit around and sigh
What is that thing you call alive?

Scribes said it was foreign, it was a dive
But I heard honey pouring out of a hive
Inside, officers swore in, hands over bribes, imbibed
Now, love, are you boring or have you died
and enlisted in the demimonde's
phalanxes of enemy blondes?
Oh, Sisters of the Double Entendre,

Take me to your leader if you know what I mean.


from Take Me to Your Leader If You Know What I Mean, released October 17, 2015



all rights reserved


Supreme Fiction Durham, North Carolina

Supreme Fiction makes music about communists, existential crises, zombies, and lovesickness (and, of course, zombie lovesickness). The Carrboro and Durham-based five-piece creates melodic, energetic pop awash in sugary hooks and group harmonies, shot through with nervous surrealism, and tempered with submerged melancholy. ... more

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